Paula J. Serios

Disrupting for
the Greater Good

Paula J. Serios
Strategic Marketing Executive

Seeking Marketing Leadership role as Chief Marketing Officer or Vice President Marketing in key categories:

Professional Services
Sustainable Energy
Social Enterprise


Currently engaged as
Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, SPIRTO Consultancy []
Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Emergency Groups Office

Clients: Discovery Channel, Simple Truth, Pergo Flooring, GENTECH, Hotelements;
Confidential Clients:  Life Insurance Company; Leadership Development Company, Technology Start-ups


Stories and Perspectives


Creating a Next Level Brand




Building a Digital Marketing Department


Brand Vision

Strong brands connect with customers and build loyalty. I know how to build brands and customer ecosystems that grow market share. Innovative and entrepreneurial, I excel at leading omni-channel efforts that build brand performance.

Paula is one of the most engaging and thoughtful marketing strategists I have had the pleasure of working with while at Mission Hospital. Under Paula’s marketing headship the “Mission Brand” was created, promoted and ultimately flourished – allowing Mission to entice generous donors, hire compassionate and talented nurses and attract brilliant physicians’ partners.
— Kenneth McFarland, Chief Executive Officer, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital & Medical Center (Former President & CEO, Mission Hospital)

Career Highlight

Silverado Care Scenario Snapshot

Project: Brand Commercialization

  • A universal brand captured by the tag line Lives Enriched was supported coupled with 6 universal target segments across 3 business units.  A comprehensive brand launch and ongoing communication internally was an origination point while a message platform was developed for each unit, service and product.

  • A message algorithm was modeled and a sales message app developed so that a sales associate could discern the specific message points to sell to each audience.  Sales increased 19% and sustained 11% going forward.

Powerful Leadership

True leadership inspires collaboration and peak performance. I know how to build and coach teams across all facets of marketing and cross-functionally. I effectively garner influence across stakeholders while fostering collaboration and building relationships.

Paula is one of the best leaders I have had the pleasure of working with. She has the tenacity, drive and vision that inspire great performance coupled with a fun and compassionate spirit. Her approach to strategic marketing is truly first class!
— Kalup Alexander, Digital Marketing Operations Manager, Word & Brown Companies

Career Highlight

St. Joseph Health/Mission Hospital Scenario Snapshot

Project: Micro Blitzes

  • 3:1 return-on-investment of total marketing expenditure to profit.
  • Over $7 million in profitable revenue for the Mission Heart Center across four years. 

Proven Results

Strong marketing programs grow revenue and profit. I know how to deliver results, solve problems and create strategies that breakthrough and succeed. I possess both strong analytical and operational skills that drive impact in complex environments. 

Paula is always a strategic marketer, focused on measurable outcomes and business development. She is a forward-looking leader that can add value through deliberate analysis of business goals/challenges and offer recommendations based on an organization’s space within the market.
— Hansel Ramirez, Senior Client Engagement Manager , Marichich Health